Corvil Device auto-discovery support and API changes in v7.0.0

Along with the new Software License Management module that is discussed in this blog post:, we are happy to announce following changes in v7.0.0:

Auto-discovery support for Corvil Devices

You are now able to auto-discovery Corvil devices as part of network auto-discovery.

Add Admin Users from Group Pages


Per the suggestions in this feature request:, we have added the option to add users from the group edit page.

Also, on the group list page, you can now see all the users that are part of that admin group.

Custom Fields for Assets on the QR profile

Based on this feature request: , you can now choose to include custom fields for assets in the generated QR code for an asset. Simply choose the custom field as part of the QR profile.

Hover over in list view


This is purely cosmetic, but as you hover over any line in the list view, you will see that line highlighted.

Added Name, Priority and Notes fields to Alert Rules

Alert rules have moved under Reports and we have added name, priority and notes to it.

Support for additional virtual subtype

As per this feature request:

We have added those virtual subtypes.

API Changes


Bug Fixes

  • Power reports were not working correctly in some cases. Now fixed.
  • Changed wording on notification/alert emails for clarity.

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