Support for APC PDUs Bank level data and linked APC PDUs in v2.2.0/v7.1.0

We have added support for new PDUs and extended APC/ServerTech PDUs to get more data. All the details discussed below.

Support for APC PDU Bank Level Data

We have added support for APC PDUs that have bank level data available in the SNMP. You can now see the near real time and trending data for the banks. Alerts can also be set based on absolute or threshold values for the Banks now.

Discover linked PDUs on APC PDUs

If you have linked APC PDUs, we will now discover the second PDU with phases, banks and outlets data(if available).

Support for additional Eaton PDUs

Eaton PDUs which are type Pulizzi are now supported.

Bug Fixes

  • If a PDU was discovered without outlets and you added outlets via the model, the PDU was getting deleted and re-added. We have fixed that.
  • Outlet level data for certain ServerTech PDUs was not showing. Now fixed.
  • Power chart tooltips values have been limited to 2 decimal places.

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