ServiceNow Integration

Device42 has added ServiceNow interoperability to its list of free IT hardware and software integrations.

See Device42 CIs in ServiceNow

Using the Device42-ServiceNow integration connector, ServiceNow users can synchronize Device42’s enhanced asset management and tracking capabilities to their ServiceNow IP-enabled configuration items (CI) data maintained inside ServiceNow’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB). This synchronization can be manually refreshed at any time by the user and also scheduled for automatic refresh at user-defined intervals.

This integration allows ServiceNow users to seamlessly add Device42’s IT infrastructure management capabilities to their ServiceNow solution for better ITSM including:


  • IP address management
  • Password management
  • Server room, rack, and device visualizations

  • Software license management
  • Cabling management
  • Power and environmental monitoring
  • Power control



View/Edit CI Details from ServiceNow Service Requests

In addition, the Device42-ServiceNow integration enables the creation of ServiceNow navigation controls that seamlessly create a Device42 application window from within the ServiceNow UI. This provides access to Device42’s capabilities not found in the ServiceNow application while, at the same time, combining ServiceNow’ s best-of-breed capabilities, such as workflow management, and IT trouble ticketing, not found in Device42.



Integration Steps

Integrating Device42 and ServiceNow is easy with Device42’s provided connector. With this connector, integration is a straightforward and details can be found here:

  1. A summary of the integration process follows:
  2. Establish and verify the ServiceNow Device42 connection
  3. Install the integration code which establishes: a.) Respective asset tables for all the assets present in Device42 and b.) User interface Action buttons in ServiceNow for viewing, accessing, or synchronizing Device42 asset data with ServiceNow
  4. The final step involves setting parameters for the automated synchronization between Device42 and ServiceNow
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Accessing the ServiceNow Integration Connector

Device42 and ServiceNow clients can access the free connector on-line:

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