Automated application dependency mappings with v8.0.0

We are excited to announce the availability of automation around application dependency mappings. More details below.

Auto-Discover listening ports and associated services


Our powerful and agentless auto-discovery tool uses WMI and SSH to find out the services, listening ports and relationships between services and ports or executable and ports. This gives you a good picture on what services/executables are listening on what ports on that machine.

Map remote connections

As a point in time snapshot, we can also capture what other IP addresses are connected to that listening port, if any. If that IP address exists in Device42 and is mapped to a device, we automatically show the device when drawing the dynamic impact charts.

Comprehensive application dependency mappings


Device42 will automatically follow all the dependencies across devices whether it is through manual entered application components or auto-disocovered services and ports, and give you a comprehensive application dependency chart for all the devices in the chain.

Impact analysis in a list view


While charts are quite powerful and useful, sometimes just a simple list view does the job. We have exactly that as well. Get a list of all the services, corresponding listening ports and affected devices with the impact list view.

Ability to minimize the noise in auto-discovery


We have also updated the .net based auto-discovery tool (v8.0.0) that does the actual discovery. You will a new button called “service port exclusions”. You can exclude the following to reduce the noise:

  • windows listening ports: example will be something like RDP port. 3389 is excluded by default.
  • windows remote ports – any remote ports you want to exclude
  • linux listening ports: example will be something like ssh. 22 is excluded by default.
  • linux remote ports – any remote ports you want to exclude
  • Remote IP Addresses – Remote IPs to exclude. Example will be your monitoring server IPs.

Find out about your application relationships today!

No more need to configure expensive span port relationships to grab the dependencies for a particular machine. Looking to migrate away from your Windows 2003 servers? Trying to figure out what is running on a machine you want to virtualize and who does it impact? You don’t need to look any further. Just download a free 30 day trial of Device42 and feel the power for yourself.

Current users can grab the update file from:

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