Updated Device42 JIRA connector with ability to filter devices in v1.0.8

We are happy to announce following changes in v1.0.8 of the Device42 JIRA connector.

Sync devices based on certain filters


You can now choose what devices to sync on various properties. You can filter devices by following.

  • Device Type: could be physical, virtual, blade, other, cluster or unknown.
  • Service Level: name of the service level
  • Customer: name of the customer
  • Tags: comma separated tags. It will filter for any of the tags.
  • All tags: comma separated tags. It will filter for all the matching tags.

Deleted device link


If a device is deleted from Device42, on the next sync any links in JIRA issues show “DELETED” next to it.

Bug fixes

  • There was a bug with wrong device links in some cases. Now fixed.

Download the latest JIRA connector

You can download the latest JIRA connector from:

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