OU level support for LDAP sync and ability to change any device type in v8.1.1

We are happy to announce the following changes in v8.1.1

OU level support for AD/LDAP sync


Under Tools > Auto-discovery > AD/LDAP sync, you can now sync Administrators and end users using the OU DN. Originally only the group DNs were supported.

Change device type for any device


One popular demand, we have enhanced the “Change type” bulk action to help you convert from any device type to any other device type. It does mean that changing one device type to another, it looses all relations for that property type as explained below.

physical device:

  • no longer racked, or in room or storage room
  • no hardware model
  • no more connections
  • no longer a chassis
  • all blade relations are cleared

virtual device

  • no more virtual host
  • any cloudinstance related data is deleted

blade device

  • no longer in chassis.
  • slot # cleared
  • hardware model cleared
  • taken out of storage room
  • connectivity cleared

cluster device

  • all cluster associations cleared

other device

  • subtype cleared
  • location and building cleared
  • rack and room relation cleared (including storage room)
  • hardware model cleared
  • any connectivity cleared

Part list has been added back to parts model

We took this out few versions ago because of performance reasons, this is back in place now.

API changes

  • Added size, row, asset_no, manufacturer to GET Rack call
  • Added number, description, switch_ids and switches filters to GET VLAN call
  • Parts GET api call added device_id, room_id and rack_id
  • Hardware API GET filters added: name(was already there), type, size, depth, part_nom watts and manufacturer

Bug fixes

  • Very very large values of TTL failed DNS zone sync. Now fixed.
  • Fixed add software to device issue.
  • Device report building column now shows building for virtual devices, etc.
  • suggest IP call has better check for ‘subnet’ parameter
  • Check for bad VRF group in subnet call and return error if not there
  • Fixed api/1.0/subnets/create_child/ logging
  • Room layout bug fixes for power racks
  • Fixed issue with sensor power chart
  • Custom field contains filter was using equal to instead of contains. Now fixed.
  • Changed AD virtual_subtype from ‘internal_vm’ to VMWare or KVM for vserver AD jobs
  • German translation fixes based on user feedback.

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