FEX discovery for Cisco nexus switches and enhanced audit export for racks in v8.1.2

We are excited to announce the following changes in v8.1.2

FEX discovery for Cisco Nexus switches

Network SNMP discovery for Cisco Nexus switches now adds FEX (Fabric Extenders) as assets with relation to the physical switch.

Enhanced rack audit export


Rack audit export now contains the blades for a chassis in the same sheet as the main sheet for audit. This way you can audit the servers and all the blades at the same time from top to bottom on each rack. Orientation column now contains chassis host for blades and where column contains the slot # for the blade.

Adding asset # to parts

Parts now have an additional field for asset #.

Log enhancements

The log bundle and system usage info on the appliance manager now contain more information that can help with troubleshooting.

Misc. cosmetic enhancements

  • Purchase list page sorted by PO date and order #
  • IP excel import/export, tag renamed to label
  • Added timestamp to scheduled report status
  • Added more images for hardware models.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed error message on failed report
  • Added check for excel report output of more than 66,535 lines.
  • Fixed issue with purchase reports: If a child line had no values, an error was occurring.
  • Redis log was not being written to correct place. Now fixed.

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