Discover network shares and schedule tasks with v8.2.0

We are excited to announce general availability of release v8.2.0 with following changes.

Discover schedule tasks


All your schedule jobs on windows and *nix platforms can now be documented. These come in under service instances with start model of scheduled. We document the full path and times etc. with this.

Discover network shares

As part of the services discovery, we can also discover all your network shares on windows and *nix platforms.

Import network auto-discovery jobs

You can now use Tools > Imports/Exports to add network auto-discovery jobs in bulk.

API changes

  • Network auto-discovery job add (POST) call now takes end_ip_address as an optional parameter.

Bug fixes

  • In the vServer discovery, if one host failed, it was failing the rest of the discovery job. Now it logs the error and continues on.
  • Service instance name overlap issue fixed.
  • Fixed parts display issue.
  • Fixed add asset to rack layout from template

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