Support for F5 load-balancer virtual servers, pools and Joyent cloud auto-discovery with v8.3.0

We are excited to announce support for Joyent for cloud auto-discovery and Virtual server/pools discovery for F5 load-balancer devices in v8.3.0. All the changes in this release are discussed below.

Support for Joyent cloud infrastructure

You can now discover and document your virtual infrastructure on Joyent platform. Just plugin the Joyent user and key info and you can discover/update your instances from Joyent into Device42.

F5 load-balancers – auto-discover virtual servers, pools and devices with dependencies

We are now bringing in the virtual servers and pools etc. with dependencies. Here is a breakdown of how it is being handled:

The virtual servers are discovered and added as application components. Each of these application component depends on the corresponding F5 device. We also discover the virtual IP and service that is associated with it. The IP is associated with the F5 device. You can see all the services associated with the F5 device from the services tab.

Pools are also added as application components and all the members are added as devices with corresponding services running on them with service ports. If an IP for a member exists in Device42 with a device, we correspond that member to existing device in Device42. If not, a new device is created with the member name from the pool.

Each virtual server depends on the corresponding pool. You can visualize the dependency for each pool using the dependency chart of the application component for the virtual server.

Hostname precedence for blade servers

As part of the blade server auto-discovery we have added an option to give hostname precedence for the blade servers. Meaning, if you want the SNMP discovery to change the blade server name as discovered, you can check this option.

Physical connectivity for multiple racks on same page

Using the action drop down from the rack list page, you can now see multiple racks together on the physical connectivity page.

API Changes

  • GET call added for Operating Systems. “/api/1.0/operatingsystems”
  • OS filter added on device GET call. “?os=OSNAME”
  • Added rack, room, building to blade and virtual server device api output
  • Added virtual_subtype as an output for device GET call

Document your hybrid IT Infrastructure with Device42

If you are still relying on excel to find out about the state of your IT Infrastructure, you owe it to yourself to give Device42 a try! Download a 30-day free trial from Device42 download page.

Current users can update their existing instance by grabbing the update file from:

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