HTTPS support for appliance manager and v3 context for snmp discoveries in v8.4.0

We are excited to announce following changes in v8.4.0

HTTPS support for appliance manager (64 bit only)

We have added https support for appliance manager and it runs on port 4343. Same credentials as before, just the connections if now encrypted. This is only applicable to the 64 bit appliance.

SNMP v3 context for auto-discovery jobs


Network SNMP auto-discovery jobs now has support for SNMP context option as well.

Option to strip domain names for cloud auto-discovery jobs


You can now strip domain suffix from device names as discovered by the cloud discovery jobs.

API changes

  • Added nameserver and prio to GET call for DNS records.

Bug fixes

  • KVM auto-discovery issues fixed.
  • Password was not showing for certain devices on the device page – now fixed.

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