Software in use and parts reports in v9.1.0

We are excited to announce following changes in v9.1.0.

Reports enhancements with addition of parts and software in use reports

We have added 3 new report types:

(1) Parts Report: The earlier parts reports was for just Part Models. Now there is both a Parts and a Part Models report.

(2) Software in Use Report: This report enables you to view what version of a particular piece of software is installed on what device.

(3) Rack Report: This report enables you to filter, sort, and view the data about your racks in a report format.

In addition, the following changes were made to existing reports:

• Added contract info to the Assets, Rack, Software, and Parts Reports.
• Removed “action name” as a filter from the Change History report. This filter was not working.
• Added lifecycle event notes as a column to the Device Report.
• Added Software name/version (with an option to see software components on separate lines) to the Device Report.

Escalation rules for alerts

Two levels of escalation settings are now available for all alerts.  For each level, you optionally set the numbers of minutes to wait for an alert to be acknowledged.  Then, if it hasn’t been acknowledged, an email will be sent to the designated addresses.  You can create a separate email list for each escalation level.Export/Download image from rack layout view


You can now export or download the rack elevation image from rack layout view. This works for single or multiple rack layouts.

Back images for PDU Models

You can now add back images for PDU models and it will show up for the rack mounted PDUs in the rack.

Ping and SNMP connectivity test in appliance manager


You can now test connectivity for a machine using ping test in appliance manager. We have also added a quick check for snmp connectivity to figure out if there are any issues with snmp connectivity or credentials.

API Changes

  • Added virtual_server_clear to device POST call. This is to clear virtual host association for a VM
  • Added tags_remove for device POST call. You can remove one or more tags from a device.
  • hddraid and hddraid_type can now take ‘none’ as a value to clear out raid and raid type value for a device property. # of HDD required for this to take effect.
  • Added xpos to device GET call as a column (enabled by default). This is for positioning within the rack for variable width devices mounted within the same U.
  • Added virtualbox and joyent_vm as virtual_subtype for device POST call.

Other changes

  • You can now search by part # on the parts list page.
  • Added virtualbox as new virtual subtype for virtual devices.

Bug Fixes

  • Suggest IP API call issues fixed. This was failing for certain use cases – now fixed.
  • Ability to see TAP modules and ports on the edit page for device type other is now fixed.
  • KVM guest auto-discovery was failing for certain cases for root user with default sudo access. Now fixed.
  • Added line_circuits, line_contract_id and notes (purchase) to the exportable sheet of purchase records.
  • Fix schedule meta-backup setting in appliance manager

v9.1.0 availability

If you haven’t given Device42 a try yet, you can grab a free 30 day trial from Device42 download page. Current users can grab the latest update file from:

And from all of us at Device42, wishing you a happy and successful 2016!

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