Subnet alerts in v9.1.2

We are excited to announce v9.1.2 with following changes.

Subnet alerts


You can now set alerts for subnet going over a certain threshold. This is available under Reports > Setup Alerts.

Also, you can set the frequency of this check under Tools > Settings > Global Settings.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Openstack issue where a discovered device wasn’t matching a previously found device with the same name and mac address.
  • vmware discovery was failing for a host with large # of VMs if IPMI discovery was ran before. This is now fixed.
  • On power report, save and schedule without a time was not displaying error message. Now fixed.
  • Fixed misspellings in lifecycle search (Lifecye)
  • Other SNMP discovery for opengear V1 devices was not bringing in the ports. Now fixed.

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