LXC auto-discovery support in v9.2.0

We are happy to announce support for LXC auto-discovery for complete Datacenter infrastructure management with Device42. All the changes in v9.2.0 are discussed below.

LXC auto-discovery support

You can now discovery the Host and containers for LXC under Tools > Auto-discovery > vServer with LXC option. This supports both privileged and non-privileged containers and discovery depends on the auth used.

Kyocera printer auto-discovery support

We have added support for Kyocera printers as well under Tools > Auto-discovery > Other SNMP devices.

API Changes

  • Device POST call now supports devices_in_cluster_remove – which is comma separated list of devices to remove from the cluster.
  • Assets API GET call get following new filters:

asset_id = ID of the assets
service_level = service level of the asset
customer = customer name, use blank to get assets associated with no customers
tags = comma separated tags, OR filter
tags_and = comma separated tags, AND filter
asset_no_contains = search for any asset that contains matching asset #
custom_fields_and = comma separated key value pairs in format of “key1:value1, key2:value2”. AND filter.
custom_fields_or = comma separated key value pairs in format of “key1:value1, key2:value2”. OR filter.

  • Assets GET API call also gets total_count, limit and offset to limit the returned results and we have added custom fields to the output.



Bug Fixes

Starting auto-discovery for lot of jobs at same time caused some DB locks – now fixed.

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