Auto-restores and proxy settings with v9.5.0

We are excited to announce availability of auto-restore functionality in v9.5.0. All the changes in this release are discussed below.

Auto-restore backups at regular intervals


You can now declare an appliance in standby mode and enable regular restores from a SFTP location. Putting the appliance in standby mode does the following:

  • Disables the background scheduler that runs the auto-discovery jobs.
  • Disables running any backups from the appliance.

You can add the auto-restore schedule using crontab syntax so you can choose how often you want to pick up the file from the server where backup files reside. Currently, only SFTP server is supported as destination. Credentials for passphrase, SFTP server settings and backup file name should be identical on both production and standby appliance.

While doing an auto-restore all schedules get disabled, so if there is another one that falls within that window, it will not kick off. To know whether an auto-restore succeeded or failed, we have also added success and failure notifications. Mail server settings must be set for that to work.

Custom name for the backup files


You can now add a custom prefix for the backup file name.

Proxy settings


You can now add proxy settings in the appliance manager for the appliance manager and the main application. This helps with discovery jobs like Amazon AWS if have to go out via proxy.

DB size to healthstats API and usage screen


We have added DB size to healthstats and usage screen on appliance manager.

Zoom button on physical connections page


If you have smaller patch panels (less than 1U), it is hard to visualize the connectivity etc. WIth the zoom option, you can now zoom in on the page and see more details.

Downloading a report will now use the saved report name if any

If you have saved a report with a name and you download to excel, it will know use the saved report name as the name of the excel file instead of using generic object category name. It replaces spaces with underscores.

xlsx support for imports, exports and reports

You can now use .xlsx files in addition to .xls files for imports. Exports and reports are not in .xlsx format by default. This also takes care of row limitation in the older versions.

Disable logging for certain custom field changes via api


Certain custom fields like uptime etc. that change very often don’t need to be kept in audit log. We have added an option to disable logging for custom fields for this.

Rack name field character limit increased

Rack name field character limit has been increased to 64 characters.

Cosmetic changes

  • Renamed spare parts to parts on Imports/Exports page
  • Fragmentation subnet graphs now have better tooltips.
  • Bubble subnet charts have better display and hover over with custom field values.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed certificate custom fields import
  • Fixed password custom field display issue in the UI
  • Rack import was failing in certain cases. Now fixed.


v9.5.0 availability

If you haven’t given Device42 a try, take it for a spin with a free trial at:

Current users can grab the latest update file from:

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