Enforce API GET call limit and security updates with v9.6.0

We are excited to announce the following changes in v9.6.0

Enforce API GET call limit


From Tools > Settings > Global Settings, you can now enforce limits on the number of rows returned by API GET calls. The maximum value allowed is 1000 and this is also the default value. Enabling limits can help API performance quite a bit; however, here are some challenges to adding limits:

1. Any existing integration code you have with GET calls might fail and may need to be revised. If you select the limits setting, your existing code will work as is.

2. We are still working on changes to the JIRA and Confluence plugins to make them work with limits. If you have the JIRA or Confluence plugins running in your environment, please don’t enforce limits until updated plugins are released.

Once the setting is enabled, you will need to use the total_count and offset parameters to fetch all the records.


glibc security update

This release patches glibc vulnerability, which is indexed as CVE-2015-7547

Subnet categories and multi-tenancy permissions.

We have added subnet categories to enable you to organize your subnets into different categories. Nested subnets will inherit the category from the parent subnet by default, but nested subnet can also be put in a different category than the parent. Please note that if the category of a parent is changed, that change will propagate to all of its child subnets.

Based on user feedback, we have also changed the way multi-tenancy works with subnets. We have removed multitenancy groups directly on subnets. Now subnet permissions are derived from either VRF group permissions or subnet category permissions. If you have existing permissioning on your subnets, please do a re-importable export of your data before upgrading.

Set backup schedules via API on appliance manager

You can now add backup schedule(s) to the appliance manager via this new api endpoint on appliance manager: /api/1.0/backup_schedules/

GET – to get ID, name and method for jobs
POST : jobs_id to edit. otherwise, creates a new one with name, method, schedule_time required. method is 1(mail),2(sftp),3(nfs) or 4(amazon s3) and schedule_days for week days(0=Sunday).

With this and following change and with auto-restore function, you can setup a warm HA using an external system.

Set appliance mode with API

POST call to /api/1.0/appliancemode/ with appliance_mode as production or standby, sets the appliance in production or standby mode.

OS category

If you are looking to categorize your OS in categories, e.g. linux, windows etc. – OS categories are now here! We are still working on adding a filter on device GET call and device reports, but this should get you started. Also, there is a action menu item on OS page to assign categories in bulk.

Other changes

  • In blade and vserver auto-discovery, if name is localhost or localhost.localdomain and there is a serial number, change the device name to the serial number.
  • In vserver auto-discovery (only for vmware):
  • added option to ignore powered off VMs
  • add option to prepend virtual host name to virtual machine name

API change

  • tags added to subnet GET call
  • you can now send allocated and assigned flag to subnet POST/PUT call
  • send parent_subnet or parent_subnet_id as empty to get all the ROOT level subnets.
  • Device custom field PUT API call now accepts device_id
  • Added /api/1.0/tags to get all the tag names in the system.
  • OS get api has OS category and partial name filter
  • Added VLAN IDs in switchport GET api call

Bug fixes

  • When bulk generating QR codes for devices, it was not saving the QR profile for devices selected. Now fixed.
  • GET API by VLAN ID bug fixed
  • VLAN POST call – return status for is it new or did something change
  • In internal auto-discovery jobs, with strip_domain_name checked, we now make sure the name is not a IP address before stripping the domain.
  • In Switch port template now adds ports to both switches for modular pair.
  • Part report did not save some fields, now fixed.

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