Flexible patch panel start numbering location and direction in v9.7.0

We are excited to announce following changes/additions in v9.7.0.

Flexible patch panel start numbering location and direction


Patch panel cable management just got easier and more flexible with this version of Device42! You can now choose where location of the first port (and module in a modular chassis) and what direction the ports are numbered.
This applies to both singular and modular patch panels. In the modular patch panels, modules are placed according to the chosen configuration. This also applies to a module within a modular chassis (module model has its own config). With this change, you will be able to build out more custom configs on how patch panels are laid out in your organization.


Change hostname for your Device42 appliance

Under appliance manager, you can now change the hostname of the appliance. Requires a reboot to take effect.

Added IPMI test tool to appliance manager

IPMI device not being detected correctly? You can now send us an output from the appliance manager so we can add support for it.

Other changes

  • Oracle VM added as virtual subtype.
  • Custom field type URL allows any combinations for URLs now to be added.
  • You can now store a PDU to a storage room.
  • Add OS, OS Version, and OS Version # to Device Report
  • Add ability to report cpu cores in software reporting

API Changes

  • numbering_start_location and numbering_direction added to patch_panel_models and patch_panel_module_models GET and POST API calls.
  • serial_no_contains added to Device API GET call filters. With this you can filter devices by partial serial #.
  • oracle_vm added as possible parameter for virtual_subtype in device POST call
  • Added “dns” as parameter to certificate POST call to add a certificate based on a URL directly.
  • os_category added as filter on Device GET API call
  • update VLAN number by ID in PUT call
  • days_before_expiry added to password post api call

Bug Fixes

  • Date filters did not work in internationalized reports. Now fixed.
  • Editing a vrf group to be assigned to a building in subnet tree view and association wasn’t saved. Now fixed.
  • Unable to update asset via api without specifying group. Now fixed.
  • Logging for openvz job, if failed was not working correctly. Now fixed.
  • Port ordering issue for PDU ports in layout display now fixed.
  • Fixed reports API permissions.
  • Half U half width devices or assets in a rack when placed side by side were disappearing. Now fixed.
  • Rack connection layout page was not loading in certain edge cases. Now fixed.

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