Choose existing devices in rack layout view in v9.7.1

All the changes in v9.7.1 are discussed below.

Choose existing devices for drag and drop in rack elevation page

You can now choose existing devices using “search by name” field and drag and drop to desired location in the rack.

Also, for adding new devices, we have added add new hardware to hardware search box. And when adding a new hardware, you can now choose width ratio as well.

Bug fixes

  • PDU API didn’t have option to add to storage room. Fixed.
  • Location on PDU list page reflects rack or storage room
  • UI on subnet tree page for adding new subnets is now fixed.
  • PDU port name in PDU list page action menu renamed to PDU port numbers.
  • When filtering by room, rack or building, the device GET api call had performance issues. Now fixed.
  • Adding a ping sweep job with permission group was erroring out. Now fixed.
  • Openvz discovery not able to add virtual machines in some cases. Now fixed.

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