Bug fixes in v9.7.2

v9.7.2 is mainly bug fixes and few changes which are listed below.

API changes

  • Customer GET call now has tags as part of output.
  • Customer POST call has tags and tags_remove to add or remove tags (comma separated)


  • When dragging and dropping a racked asset template type patch panel – it now asks for a name as well.
  • Added number, label and connection to global search for power circuits
  • VLAN indexing is now optional when collecting SNMP output for troubleshooting/simulation etc.

Bug fixes

  • Unable to place pdu in storage room using the api. Now fixed.
  • Fixed port ordering on PDU on the edit page.
  • If a PDU has a large # of ports, it overshoots its given size for display. Now the size is limited to PDU size.
  • Edit/history/full view buttons overlapped asset name in mobile view. Now fixed.
  • Add subnet mouse over doesn’t appear properly on subnet tree in translated pages. Now fixed.
  • Autodiscovery for certain Juniper devices was adding S/N to the serial #. Now fixed.
  • Adding more than 3 devices on top of rack didn’t display those properly. Now fixed.

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