Automate All the Things with Device42 CMDB and Rundeck Integration

We are excited to annouce Device42 plugin for Rundeck integration. This allows for Rundeck automation to be orchestrated using up-to-date Device42 CMDB information.

This plugin works as a resource model source for Rundeck. Using this integration, Rundeck jobs can be built to handle changing environments thanks to the complementary integration with Device42’s auto-discoveries providing accurate and up-to-date information.

This Device42 rundeck plugin will allow you to filter your nodes based on service level, customer, operating system, tags and more. Next time a security vulnerability threatens your organization’s data, patching affected systems will be a quick and painless process.


Installation and Configuration


Installing the plugin is as easy as copying the .jar file to your Rundeck plugins folder. On Ubuntu, the default directory for this is /etc/rundeck/libext. Alternatively you can build the plugin using Gradle by cloning the Github repository.

To setup the filter, add a new Rundeck resource to the project you are on through Configuration and select “Devices from D42”. Enter your Device42 url and credentials, and then you can enter filter values.

Ready to download jar file is available at Device42 rundeck integration page.

Predefined Filters


We’ve included some common filters: tags, os, service_level, and customer, but you can also enter any Device42 API endpoint as a filter including custom fields. For a full list please visit Device42 API filter for devices.

Working with Device42 nodes in Rundeck


By drilling down to one of the nodes we could also see the synchronized information about node data including building, room and rack information about a device, operating system information, device type, and other information when applicable such as a virtual machine’s host.

Viewing Imported Node Details


By expanding the d42 section of any nodes in Rundeck you will be able to see the information imported from Device42 including building, rack, room, service level, device type, virtual hostname, device name, operating system and more.

Now when creating Rundeck jobs you no longer have to worry about tracking down your node data to make sure you run it on the proper systems. Device42 will keep your data up-to-date, eliminating one more hurdle form your devops workflow.

Plugin source

This plugin code is available on Device42 Rundeck github page as an open source project. This is licensed under Apache 2.0 and instructions to build from source are included in the README file. Your comments and ideas are welcome for extending this further.

Automate your IT Infrastructure with Device42 as single source of truth

If you are using Device42 as a single source of truth for your IT infrastructure, you can now automate your workflows with the plugin for Rundeck. Read more at Device42 CMDB and Rundeck integration page.

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