Track UPS and ATS for better data center power management with v9.8.0

We are happy to announce following changes in v9.8.0. This release will help you take your data center power management to the next level with introduction of UPS and ATS.

Uninterrupted power supply and automated transfer switch management


In v9.8.0, we have renamed PDU Model to be Power Unit Models with 3 types: PDU, UPS, and ATS. Similarly, we renamed PDUs to Power Units with 3 types.

For UPS’s, you will now see be able to track battery info and UPS-specific sensors (see above) and with ATS, you will be able to see incoming PDU connections. On the Connections page or PDU map page, you can now visualize your power chain from UPS to PDU to ATS to devices and so on. We have also added auto-discovery, monitoring and alerts…



Telco circuit enhancements

You can now document the provider as the circuit origin or end point. This enables you do to document multiple circuits originating from a single vendor.
You also now have the capability to connect the circuit origin and end points to back of the patch panel. For example, you can document the connection from a switch port to a patch panel, then a cross connect to a patch panel to a switch port.

VMWare auto-discovery enhancements


We have added following changes to vmware auto-discovery:

  • Option to add first hdd for vm, default is False. This adds first discovered VM disk to the device properties. Might not be accurate for your environment, so enable with care 🙂
  • Option to add hosts with duplicate serials (separately).

API Changes

  • device_id added to GET mac filter.
  • power units filter by name, pdu_model_id, pdu_model, serial_no, device_id, building_id, rack_id, room_id, type
  • change PDU (or power unit) name in put call using new_name
  • Added custom fields to password GET api
  • nameserver added as filter to dns records GET api call
  • add new vlan if name is different than existing ones
  • API calls added for powercircuits. Get call has breakerpanel_id and bcpm_id filters. POST call fixed to accept id or (number and breaker_panel_id)
  • tags added to GET output to vlans. tags and tags_and filters added as well.
  • vlan_id added as filter for subnets GET api call
  • device_id added for device URL POST and PUT call
  • added API end point for possible duplicate serial devices – “/api/1.0/multiserials/”

Additions for Lifecycle events

Based on customer feedback, we have added following enhancements to lifecycle events:

  • epoch time append is now a single checkbox for name, serial # and uuid.
  • Choose a manual suffix for name, serial # and uuid – incase you don’t want to use the epoch time. This way, if you are decommissioning a device, you can add -decommissioned etc. at the end of the name etc. Only append to serial #, uuid if present.
  • Able to remove a VM from the hypervisor.

Cosmetic Changes

  • Add en-GB as language choice so that the formats are correct for commonwealth countries
  • Add Number Of Contracts to Device report
  • certificate sample sheet has dns column now to import certs by domain name
  • Added building, room, rack and customer filter to device type physical, blade, virtual and other.

Bug Fixes

  • Network job export/import issues
  • if rack_id is not valid – it adds a new rack instead of failing. Fixed
  • Fixed localization issue with impact/dependency charts
  • Added fixes to calculate total available Us in a rack as it was failing in certain cases.
  • Auto-restore feature asks for registration on backup instance again and again. Fixed.
  • return correct manufacturer for API GET call /operatingsysytems/
  • PDU on layout page is now based on size and not # of ports
  • re-importable export fixed for power circuits
  • x_pos is now respected in rack dev api call
  • re-importable part issue fixed. part_id instead of partmodel_id.
  • vm cpu count issue fixed in vmware auto-discovery.
  • show multiple PDUs on the PDU map in a rack
  • Bulk IP operations issue where IP could not be made available when editing is now fixed
  • Bottom cutoff fixed when exporting image for rack layout page
  • Merge tags option was missing for 64 bit OS. Now fixed.

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Current customers can grab the latest update file from:

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