Monitor your data center power consumption with UPS/ATS auto-discovery in PMA v3.0.0

We are excited to release v3.0.0 of the power monitoring appliance that adds UPS and ATS level power data to Device42. With this new module, you will have more visibility into your data center power consumption. More details below.

UPS auto-discovery

In v9.8.0, the power module will auto-discover UPS’s including the following battery information: capacity remaining, time remaining, current, voltage, and load % will be tracked historically. Alerts can be set on all of these measures and in addition you can set alerts for low batteries and bad battery packs.

Any UPS-specific sensor data such as temperature and humidity will also be brought and stored historically for trend reporting and for alerting.

ATS auto-discovery

ATS units will also be auto-discovered and brought in as Power Units of type ATS. Historical power draw will be recorded and stored for trend reporting and alerting.

Better data center power management with Device42

If you are still managing your data center power the old fashioned way, it is time to give Device42 a try. Download a free 30 day trial and feel the power for yourself.

Existing customers, please reach out to support to get the latest update file.

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