Enhanced auto-discovery tool v10.0.6 with option to save profiles and passwords

.Net auto-discovery tool has been completely re-built for faster performance and has more options as discussed below.

Save all credentials in one location

You can now save different credentials in same location. When you add discovery jobs, you can select one or more credentials for the job. For example, if you have 2-3 different set of password for groups of servers in an IP range, you can have tool circle through those 2-3 passwords.

Build multiple auto-discovery profiles

You can now build different auto-discovery profiles and apply to different jobs.

Other changes

  • Can now choose location of ssh key
  • More flexible scheduling, down to running on the minute
  • Verbose recent message output allows you to follow progress
  • Ability to generate log bundle for troubleshooting
  • View most recent status of every job

New auto-discovery tool download

You can download the latest tool from:

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