SSL Certificate Management

Today, we will focus on highlighting four important ways Device42’s certificate management software eases your SSL certificate lifecycle management burden. Using our SSL cert manager, you will always be aware of what certificates you have, where your certificates are, when they are coming up for renewal, and who bought a given certificate, and when. SSL key management will no longer be the burden it once was when you trust Device42’s certificate management solutions.

Manage Certification Inventory

What certificates you have:

Most organizations are amazed at the number of certificates they have deployed, which is usually more than three to four times the number they think they’ve deployed. Most often this discrepancy is due to various internal teams issuing certificates from multiple internal and external certificate authorities (CA). Device42 puts your entire SSL digital certificate inventory at your fingertips, with a complete purchase history, profile, and deployment map.

Which certificates are coming up for renewal?

Easily create reports and prevent your visitors from seeing embarrassing warning messages and creating fear about the security of your site. Certificate lifecycle management is as easy as creating a scheduled report based on certificate expiration dates, and an e-mail is delivered to your inbox well before a certificate expires.

What devices use those certificates?

Great – So now I know which certificates are coming up for renewal … but where are they in use? Device42’s digital certificate manager easily allows one to associate a given certificate with all the sites and servers that use it.

Who purchased / manages a given certificate, when, and from where?

A certificate you didn’t even know you owned is coming up for renewal. Who bought it, why, and when? With Device42’s digital certificate management solution, everything right down to the date of purchase and original purchase order are available at your fingertips. There’s no longer a worry that a certificate won’t be renewed because the original purchaser has left the company, or that it will be renewed twice, either. The complete history is visible within Device42’s SSL Certificate Management Tool.

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