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Enhance your ITSM with the new Device42 Zendesk plugin

We at D42 are excited to announce the release of our latest integration — now connecting Zendesk to Device42, seamlessly integrating Device42’s CMDB data right into your Zendesk tickets. Zendesk tickets can now be associated directly with the real-time auto-discovered IT assets (or Configuration Items) such as devices, parts, PDUs, or racks that the ticket references, and those device details can be further enumerated by simply clicking a link right in the ticket. This brings you straight to that CI’s (Configuration Items) page within Device42, where all CI details are visible and editable. Not only that, but you can also add Device42 CI as a column in custom views!

This free integration module is available for direct download via the Zendesk Marketplace, and can be installed and configured in mere minutes.

View Device42 CMDB data right in your Zendesk ticket

Once associated with a ticket, you will see additional information such as part serial number, device type, service level and more, along with a clickable link to browse directly to the CI in Device42.

Device42 - Zendesk Connector

Add Device42 items as columns within Zendesk, and view CIs in ticket list view

After adding a Device42 custom view column to Zendesk, you will be able to see detailed information about each linked CI within the ticket. You are also able to follow the link to jump directly to the CI details within Device42.

Zendesk Tickets with CI's

For even more detailed integration information, visit our Zendesk Integration page to download and install our newest free plugin today.

Thanks for checking out our latest integration!

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