Better Operating system inventory management

On occasion, auto-discovery can pull in odd, conflicting, or non-descriptive names for operating systems. This behavior can be observed across many different vendors and devices, as new models are released to replace old, and even across different firmware revisions for the same model device!

For example, with regards to some Cisco devices, the OS might be discovered as ios, XE, XR, or even NX-OS. When discovering Windows operating systems, the OS that the hypervisor reports vs. the OS that auto-discovery via wmi pulls can sometimes be completely different.

In our newest Device42 release v10.1.0, we’ve added some simple, yet elegant solutions to address these very issues, making your Operating system inventory management easier than ever.

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[separator headline=”h2″ title=”Introducing OS alias names.”]

From the operating system list page, you can now merge discovered operating systems with varying discovered names under a single, easy to understand alias you define.


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From the same operating system list view, choose operating systems you’d like to group together, and let Device42 automatically create an alias to the master record.


[separator headline=”h2″ title=”Better Search.”]

We’ve improved search to make it easier to use, and now it’s more useful than ever.  Now from our main search, you can find what you are looking for even more easily.  Operating System aliases are now searchable, too.


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