New API endpoint for software license management in v10.2.1

v10.2.1 bring following changes to Device42.

New API endpoints for software components and software licenses

GET, POST and DELETE call added for software components: /api/1.0/software/

GET has ‘name’ ,’category’,’vendor’,’licensing_model’,’software_type’,’tags’,’tags_and added as filters.
POST takes ‘id’, ‘name’ ,’category’,’vendor’,’licensing_model’,’software_type’,’tags’,’tags_remove’, ‘track_licensed_by_count’, ‘notes’ and ‘aliases’. licensing_model should already exist in the system.

GET, POST and DELETE call added for software license keys: /software/license_keys/
POST requires either ID or software_id, software_name and key combo. add new or update based on ID or key. takes count and notes as well.



Other API changes

  • You can now pass vrf_group_from(or vrf_group_id_from) and vrf_group_to (or vrf_group_id_to) in NAT API call: /api/1.0/ipnat/
  • dns records post -> change_date, tags and tags_remove.
  • dns records get -> tags, tags_and in filter.
  • tags added to parts GET

Import/export for device mount points

This feature is not fully baked yet, but we have added an export option for device mount points or logical drives. We will be adding auto-discovery for this in the .net tool soon and then more changes in device pages etc. will follow.

Bug fixes

  • If report page had lot of data – it was getting locked up. Now fixed.
  • License count for software was not correct if “track license by keys” was checked. Now fixed.

Latest version availability

Current customers can download the latest version from:

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