Audit log redo for better data with v10.3.0

We are excited to announce v10.3.0 with major changes concerning the audit history function. More details below, but importantly please note that the existing history api and existing change history reports will not include any latest data after the date of your next update. There is new api call and a new report for audit logs. The change history api and report have been moved in the menu structure but will remain available for a period of time.

Audit log redo for better data


We completely revamped the internal code for the audit log (i.e history) function. The changes were made for two reasons:
(1) Not every transaction was getting captured
(2) It was sometimes hard to tell exactly what changed

In the new version, you can:
(1) See both the original and changed values on the object view page
(2) See all the related changes to that object
(3) See where the change originated (e.g. URL, background task, api call)

The new version also does a better job of standardizing the action categories for easier reporting.

Other changes

  • Added media_type, connector_type and length to Part models. Available in api calls as well.
  • Certificate instances gets its own menu. You can now see device/IP relation for individual certs. Filters added based on device building, service level and customer.
  • Added missing EC2 regions for Amazon cloud auto-discovery
  • Added auto-discovery support for StorageTekLibrary (Other SNMP discovery)

API Changes

  • ucs_manager added to devices GET call. on demand only
  • new_name parameter added to hardware POST api call. Only works if the hardware model by “name” already exists and renames it.
  • /api/1.0/auditlogs/ as the new GET API call for audit log. Filters are action_time_gt ,action_time_lt, content_type and object_id.

Bug Fixes

  • Set the IP type fields correctly when IP is added on device edit page.
  • For certain chassis/blade relations, vmware api is reporting chassis serial # instead of blade serial #. As a workaround added option to ignore serial # for hosts
  • Password import and export with new category was not working. Fixed.
  • API calls will have better performance now as system was using session table before for API calls and we have fixed that issue.

Automated CMDB with complete audit log

If you haven’t tried Device42’s self-documenting CMDB, you should give it a spin by initiating a free trial. Current customers can get the latest update file from:

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