Service connections with agent based scan and IPMI discovery over SNMP in v10.4.3

We are excited to announce following changes in v10.4.3…

Service dependencies with agent based scan

Previous versions of the agent-based discovery supported hardware, software and services inventory. We have now added support for service ports, connectivity between services and machines, and services to services mapping (optional services license required).

IPMI discovery over SNMP

Support for IPMI using SNMP is finally here! IPMI as a protocol has very limited data set and we are able to get way more data using SNMP over IPMI. It is supported for HP iLO and Dell iDrac for now and the system retrieves properties such as:

  • Serial #
  • Hardware model
  • BMC IP and MACs
  • Other MACs
  • CPU, memory and HDD as parts.

Slot as a new field for parts

We have a new field for parts called “slot”. This will also be used for finding unique part per device in auto-discovery jobs when serial # is missing.

Reporting enhancements

  • Added PDU ports as a column in the device report.
  • The device report also now has a separate column for contract end date.

API enhancements

  • tags added to racks GET call. Also, added tags and tags_and filters to the GET call.


Bug Fixes

  • Windows agent was not getting disk space correctly in some cases. Fixed.
  • Linux agent was not working correctly if user didn’t have sudo access. Fixed (only gets limited data set – but runs now)
  • KVM/libvirt discovery was not working correctly for non root user. Fixed.
  • Device rack import when creating a new device was not working correctly. Fixed.
  • If logging option was unchecked for a custom field – it was still logging it. Fixed.
  • Duplicate end user was being created in some cases through auto-discovery. Fixed.
  • If a Operating System page had more than 500 devices, edit was not working. Fixed.
  • If switch port didn’t have a discovered port type, it was not being added. Fixed.
  • Child subnet calculation now takes the broadcast and network address into account.
  • Certain Alcatel devices were not being discovered correctly. Now fixed.

Self-documenting CMDB

If you haven’t given Device42 a try yet, you can grab a free 30 day trial and see how you can auto-discover your environment in minutes:

Current users can grab the latest update file from:

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