Linux-based auto-discovery software for extended discovery

We are excited to announce availability of our Linux-based agentless auto-discovery software. Details below…

Portable executable

Getting going with this remote auto-discovery software is simple:

  1. Just drop the ready to go executable in a folder with the config file. (or you can use the –config switch to point to config file in different location)
  2. Modify the config file with Device42 details and ranges /credentials you want to discover. (For more details see
  3. Do chmod +x to the executable, if you are running it for the first time.
  4. Run the executable.

Extended discovery

In addition to getting hardware inventory details and IP/Mac info from Linux and Unix based systems, this auto-discovery tool also captures software and service details remotely.


When the executable is run, it creates 3-4 log files in the executable directory.

  • short.log : A short summary of what IPs succeeded and what failed.
  • error.log: Errors, if any
  • debug.log: If debug enabled
  • api.log : api data collected and sent

Run from anywhere to send data to Device42

You can run this agent-less discovery tool from within any network segment and only need to open port 443 to talk to your Device42 instance.

Instantly map out your IT infrastructure with complete network scan

Get your software and hardware details automatically (and keep it up-to-date) with a free trial of Device42 from:

You can grab the latest copy of the linux based auto-discovery software from:

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