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New CI types and enhanced search and filters with v2.6.0 JIRA and Confluence connectors

We are excited to announce v2.6.0 of the JIRA connector with following changes.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to make adjustments to the connector so that adding CIs and additional parameters in the future will be a much easier and faster process.

New CI types: assets, subnets and part modules


You can now choose objects from additional CIs like Part models, Assets and subnets. Also, you can choose which CIs are actively shown.

Enhanced filters

All of the configuration items have enhanced filters now. For example, you can filter the Devices CIs by Name, Last Updated, Assert No, Serial No, Hardware Model, Service Level, Building, Room, Customer, Manufacturer, Rack, Type, UUID, virtual Host Name and Tags.

Enhanced Search


We have added more parameters to search capability – the CIs can be searched by any searchable parameter within the issue navigator

Choose what parameters are shown for the CIs


You can now also choose what parameters show up for certain CIs.

Custom space filters for confluence

We have added possibility to add custom space filters. Custom space filters could be used by the table macro.

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