Introducing webhooks with v11.0.0

We are super excited to introduce webhooks, which gives you an easy way to integrate Device42 with other tools in your IT infrastructure. Details below…

But first, some of you may not be familiar with webhooks. A webhook (also called a web callback or HTTP push API) is a way for one application to provide other applications with near real-time data. A webhook delivers data to other applications as it happens, meaning you get data immediately. For example, many customers have requested a means of being notified immediately when a new IP is detected or a new device is discovered. Or they want to immediately make a network change via an application whenever a lifecycle event occurs on a device. Now, all of these scenarios, and many more, are supported!



You can add different webhook urls and cause POST calls to be sent when specified events occur in Device42. Events that can trigger POST calls are adds, updates and deletes in the Device42 system for selected types of objects (termed categories). You can choose to send a detailed json string containing all the details of the new object record or a json string containing just what changed.

In v11.0.0, you will see 3 options when adding a webhook endpoint: Custom, Slack and Zapier.

The Custom options is designed to cover scenarios in which you are pushing HTTP POST calls to external systems.

With the Slack option, you can also choose the emoji you want to display when the message appears in Slack.

Zapier is a powerful application to automate your business – you can easily connect Device42 events with hundreds of different tools that have zaps available.

Choosing what triggers a webhook


You can process all categories of objects with a check of a box, or you can cherry pick the categories you care about. For example, if you care about power event changes on a device, you can pick just the device category and process only change events. Then on the receiving side, you can post-process the json and see if power changed (in service). Taking that example even further, you can even integrate that with Zapier and trigger power on/off events on your VMs on Digital Ocean.


Here is an example of Slack integration via webhooks. In this example, when certain events occur, you want the team to be notified or you want to start a discussion with the team. The Slack interface enables you to automatically send the webhook information directly to slack (or post process it via Zapier and then send it to Slack or any other application).

Custom fields for more categories

Switch ports, DNS records, PDUs and hardware models now have custom fields.

CMDB for the cloud era

Are you managing your configuration data across disparate systems? It is time to feel the power of Device42’s CMDB with REST APIs and webhooks. Go integrate all the things by downloading a free trial of Device42.

Current users can grab the latest update file from:

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