Merged customers and departments with v11.1.0

We are excited to announce general availability of v11.1.0 with the following changes.

Merged customers and departments

Our users have been telling us that the Device42 Customer and Department objects have a lot of attributes in common and that having separate objects was confusing. In v11.1.0, we have merged these two objects together and added a type to differentiate them.

After the 11.1.0 upgrade, you will see all your previous Departments as Customers with type=Department. All of the Department fields will be converted to Customer fields in the upgrade. The ‘customers’ field in the Customer object will contain what was previously in the ‘departments’ field of the Departments objects. Customer ‘end users’ and ‘contacts’ will contain what was previously Department ‘end users’ and ‘contacts’.

The Tools>>Org Units menu entry has been removed.

Auto-discovery support for Huawei devices via SNMP

Network auto-discovery now has support for Huawei devices.

Secure password storage for hypervisor auto-discovery

For vServer jobs, the password is now being stored in the secure password module within D42.

API changes

  • hardware ID filter to hardwares GET api call
  • Added GET api call for impactlist for a device (api/1.0/device/impactlist/ID/

Bug fixes

  • Service ports data with IPv6 was not coming in if the zone info was present. Fixed.
  • Added a possible fix for vmware serial # discovery. Some of the vmware hosts were coming with serial # PSF. We have a possible fix using a different api method in the backend.
  • Saving telco circuits with front and back of same patch panel port was creating issues. Now fixed.

v11.1.0 availability

Current customers can grab the latest update file from:

To download a free trial of Device42, please visit:

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