End of life and end of support dates for Operating System and Software in v11.2.0

We are excited to announce the availability of v11.2.0 with the following changes.

End of life and end of support dates for Operating System and Software

You can now add EOL and EOS dates to operating systems (Software>>Operating Systems>>EOL/EOS) and software (Software>>Software>>EOL/EOS). The algorithm matches any versions that start with the version you specify when creating the dates. For example, if you specify version 11, it will match 11.1.1, 11.3, and 11.5x. The EOL/EOS data is displayed on the view pages for devices and also in the reports.

Ability to cancel running auto-discovery jobs

We have added a Job status page under Reports. Here you can see all the currently running (or waiting to run) background jobs. And optionally, you can select one or more and cancel the job.

Agent support for FreeBSD 64 bit

We now have discovery agent available for FreeBSD 64-bit.

Admin user sync permissions

We have 2 options to the AD/LDAP sync job to help keep the permissions for admin users up-to-date:

1. Ignore existing admins (this is checked by default). By unchecking, it will sync the admin users again and add any new permission groups you might have added. Also, if you have a user across different jobs, it will inherit permissions from the all the jobs.
2. Clear existing permissions and re-sync. If #1 is unchecked and this is checked – it will clear any existing permissions that the admin user has and add all the permission groups on that job to the admin user.

Option to see IPs on the device list page

IP Address is now available as a column in the custom columns list for devices.

Report additions

The circuits report can now warn about orphaned endpoints by filtering on either orphaned (null) origins or endpoints or both.

Option to delete VMs is back

The option to change service level or VMs that no longer exist is now back 🙂

API changes

Added vendor_id and customer_id in GET and POST calls for telco circuits.

Bug Fixes

  • DNS sync was not getting all the data for SRV records. All set. You might have to run the job with “auto-delete” enabled to clear stale records.
  • If same software was found on same machine with different versions – we were keeping only one and switching back and forth for linux systems. Now we track all the software versions.
  • We have hidden pair attribute on patch panel page as that property is not really being used (or changeable)

Start tracking your assets effectively with EOL/EOS

Find out the true state of your network by downloading a free trial of Device42‘s self-documenting CMDB. Current users can grab the latest update file from:

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