Preventing DDoS attacks: How Device42 can help

A new DDoS Attack Strategy

DDoS (Distributed Denial Of Service) attacks have been a concern for a long time, but have received significantly more attention in the news recently due to both their increasing size and the resultant far-reaching effects that this new attack strategy — attacking DNS service providers — has on the internet as a whole. DDoS attacks in the past typically targeted individual websites, rendering those targeted sites being attacked unreachable. By instead attacking the cloud hosting providers that power cloud-based DNS services, hundreds of (and many well known) websites that utilized the affected providers were effectively rendered unreachable, appearing totally down though their actual infrastructure and the web servers themselves were still up and unaffected.

Preventing DDoS – Add a layer of protection to your site

One way to protect against this type of attack is to utilize multiple different DNS service providers, therefore reducing the chance that one becoming unavailable (for whatever reason) renders your site unavailable. This has always been possible but has historically been a painstaking endeavour, requiring that every single change to DNS now be manually made in two or more places to keep the records in sync.

Centrally manage DNS within Device42

With the addition of Device42’s StackStorm DNS Action Pack, the manual effort required to maintain separate zone files across providers can be eliminated. Now, in addition to using Device42 as your single source of truth for DNS information, you can control DNS via Device42, utilizing Stackstorm to push changes made to DNS within Device42 to all of your DNS providers simultaneously.

Simplify the management of multiple DNS providers

Device42’s Stackstorm DNS Action Pack supplies all the tools necessary to do just this, providing a ready-for-distribution, pre-formatted zone file that can quickly and easily be fetched via Device42’s Restful API. A webhook could easily trigger StackStorm to grab the updated zone file, or StackStorm could be configured to check for updates on a schedule, centralizing the management of your DNS while ensuring multiple redundant providers are always at the ready.

Simplify management of multiple DNS providers while adding a layer of protection to your site against DDoS attacks targeting DNS providers with Device42’s & Stackstorm – Install the Device42 DNS Action Pack today!

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