Support for IPv4 Mapped IPv6 addresses for better application mapping automation with v11.7.1

We are excited to announce the following changes in v11.7.1.

IPv4-Mapped IPv6 Addresses support

IPv4-Mapped IPv6 Addresses are regular IPv4 addresses that have been mapped into the IPv6 address space, and are used for devices that are only IPv4-capable. If you have devices/applications configured to use this, Device42 will now be able to auto-map the connections and build out the service dependencies.

Serial # support for FreeBSD auto-discovery

If you have dmidecode installed on FreeBSD, the Device42 agent now supports serial # discovery in that case.

API changes

  • Create next child subnet now supports IPv6 subnets.
  • osarch has been added to device GET and POST api calls.

Better application mapping with Device42

If you haven’t given Device42 a try yet, you can download a free trial from:

Existing customers can grab the latest update file from:

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