Device42 Object Query Language and major port changes with v12.0.0

We are excited to announce the release of v12.0.0 with the following changes:

DOQL: DB views


DOQL(Device42 Object Query Language), which was announced in this post, is now released. We have received great feedback from our early test customers. DOQL enables you to securely run full Postgres SQL queries against Device42-created database views to get access to the data layer and retrieve data faster and with more granularity.

Port Changes


We have made a major change in how mac addresses and ports are handled in Device42. Of course, the upgrade process will automatically convert your data so there is nothing you need to do to benefit from this change.

In earlier versions, mac addresses belonged directly to a device, and ports were only available for switch devices. You could connect a mac address to a switch port to make a connection; however, to make a device to switch connection without a mac address, you had to use a direct device connection. To add to the confusion, there was also a remote port property on the switch port, to enable connecting that port to another switch port.

We have significantly reduced this complexity by making a port a property of a device (and that device does NOT have to be a network device such as a switch or a router). A mac address is no longer a separate entity. Instead, the hardware address (which might or might not be a mac address) is now an attribute of a port.

Example 1: If you had a device with mac address 00:11:22:33:44:55 and port named eth0, you will now see a port eth0 associated with the device and that port will have a hardware address of 00:11:22:33:44:55.

Example 2: If you had a direct device connection from a device, labeled LAN1, you will see LAN1 as a port on that device now.

If you have a remote port, instead of displaying it as a property of the port, you will see it displayed in a new connections tab on the port page. You can connect a port to another port (i.e. you can connect a device to either a device, switch, patch panel port, circuit or tap port).
The connections tab makes it much easier to visualize all the current connections and make new connections.

Support for worldwide numbers (WWN) and fiber switches

With the change described above, we are now able to handle WWN and fiber connectivity. This is supported on the fiber switch level now and discovered via SNMP.

Part and Ports

If you want to document (or autodiscover) the port model is a particular model, you can now do so using new part to port relationship. You will see the port model and can also document its serial # and other attributes.

SNMP auto-discovery jobs merged


In previous versions, we had separate auto-discovery menu entries for network devices, blade systems and other snmp devices. We have combined those into a single unified option to add SNMP jobs. All of the options for the three types are still present and appear in the collapsed menu as shown above.

Part Model Merge

If you have accidentally, or via auto-discovery, created similar part models, you can now merge them using the action menu on the part model list page.

Option to Disable TLSv1.0

From the appliance manager you can now disable TLS v1.0.

Multiple NTP servers

You can now add multiple NTP servers in the config from the console (comma separated).

Custom fields for Parts Models and VLANs

Part models and VLANs get their own custom fields now.

Backup Execution time in confirmation email

We have added backup execution time to success emails (i.e. how long it took to create the backup file).

Port Speed, MTU, and type supported in discovery

If this data is available via SNMP, we are now discovering it.

API Changes

  • DNS Record API allow records with trailing spaces etc. with content_raw parameter
  • add listening_service_id or client_service_id to listener connection stats
  • added optional fields for assets GET API call – ‘customer’, ‘first_added’, ‘last_updated’, ‘in_service’, ‘tags’, ‘device_relations’, in_service. Also you can use include_cols to see only columns you want to see.
  • Ability to add admins through APIs is now supported.
  • Part slot has been added to Parts API call.

Bug Fixes

  • DNS TXT fields type records had a limited size issue which has been fixed.

Better connectivity documentation with v12.0.0

If you have not given Device42 a try yet, you can download a free trial here:

Current users can grab the latest update file from:

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