Multi picklist for custom fields and auto-discovery enhancements in v12.1.3

We are excited to announce following changes in v12.1.3

Multi picklist for custom fields



We are happy to announce ability to allow multiple values for a picklist type custom fields. You can create a picklist, check multi-select and now you can select one or more of these pre-defined values.

Auto-discovery enhancements

  • Add Huawei Stack Switch detection
  • Disabled bulk walking for CPI (Chatsworth) PDUs (Effects power release v4.0.7)
  • Agent enhancements for freebsd and generally for mount point discovery

DOQL changes

  • Added calculated_ building, room and rack to the device and asset views

API changes

  • Added tags to VLAN put call
  • Added watts parameters to pdus GET call

Bug Fixes

  • Fix IP API calls with mac references
  • Certificate file imports now work irrespective of the actual file extension
  • Mail server setting required password, now fixed.

v12.1.3 availability

Current customers can grab the latest update file from:

If you are not using Device42 yet, you can download a free trial from:

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