License Management now available for Operating Systems in v12.2.0

We are pleased to announce that License Management features similar to the ones that previously were available for software are now available for operating systems. See details on this feature and a number of minor features and bug fixes below…

OS License Management


The Operating system menu now has two new options. Clicking the OS License Models menu option will show available OS license models…


When you add an OS Licensing model, you will see a similar set of options as you see when you add a Software Licensing Model.

If you click the Operating Systems In Use menu entry, you will see a list operating systems by device.


The only difference is that there is no user-based licensing for operating systems.

Additional Features in v12.2.0

A number of additional minor features have been added in v12.2.0:

The subnet Add page now has an option to populate IP addresses and mark them as available when creating a subnet.

The Appliance Manager “Optimize” command now allows you to delete all audit data by entering 0 months into the input field.

Performance Improvements
– Software and service counts are now cached.
– Performance issue when loading Topology is fixed.

The total number of instances is now displayed in Services list view.

Part models in parts popup windows are now sorted.

The action field is now available an an audit log api filter.

The discovered process column from the Service Instance Listeners and Client sections has been removed.

The suggest_IP API call now works for IPv6 in addition to IPv4.

Tags are now returned in the GET ip_address api call.

Lifecycle Events can now optionally set OS and Software to not count in licensing.

“changed_fields” has been added as a filter in the audit report.

An “orientation” field has been added to the rack import spreadsheet.



Bugs Fixed

– Not equals filter in some reports were not working — fixed.
– .NET discovery tool was leaving the old OS Version where it should have cleared it out — fixed.
– The Parts tab was not visible in edit mode for Device Other — fixed.
– The Asset notes field was sometimes filled incorrectly on asset POST api calls — fixed.
– Spaces in DOQL queries were causing issues — fixed.
– The content_type filter on audit log api queries was not working — fixed.
– The multi-select option in custom fields was not working — fixed.
– The “Remove all connectivity” option for lifecycle events was not completely removing connectivity — fixed.
– “Add another group” option was not working on room edit page under multitenancy for non-superusers — fixed.
– Power bars were not being shown for some pdu’s in the room layout view — fixed.
– A few topology and dependency chart UI issues have been fixed.
– Patch panel import issues are fixed.

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