Agentless Remote Collector with v13.0.0

We are excited to announce that agentless remote collector for SNMP, Hypervisor, cloud jobs etc. is finally here! More details below.

Agentless remote collector

Starting with v13.0.0 – you can now run almost any jobs that you run from Device42 UI from a remote collector. Agentless remote collector is a low footprint linux based VM that you can deploy in same or different network segments. You register the remote collector by entering an one time password (OTP) generated from the main Device42 UI. Once registered, you can now choose to run any auto-discovery job either locally within main Device42 appliance (by not choosing any remote collector) – or have it run on one of the remote collectors.

Update D42

Current users can grab the latest update file from:

The RC image is available for vmware and citrix xen right now and we are working on making it available for all platforms. Please reach out to [email protected] to get your hands on one.

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