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JIRA – Device42 CMDB Integration v3.0.0 Released

Integrate Device42’s powerful CMDB with Atlassian JIRA!

We are excited to announce the release of version 3.0.0 of both the Jira and Confluence Integration Plugins. A lot of work went into these new releases, resulting in powerful new features and lots of improvements. We’re pretty sure you’ll love them both!



So what’s new in 3.0.0?

Conditional Functions, Validation Functions, POST Functions, plus More CIs!

You can now create custom workflows in Jira that not only use Device42 custom fields, but you can now validate against data entered into these custom fields and/or trigger conditions based upon data entered into the fields. You can combine Conditions and Validators as you see fit, while also filtering both the data your custom field makes available to the user, as well as what *can be entered* into the fields … and that’s not all … In the 3.0.0 release, a workflow transition can be configured to send a POST to Device42, currently able to request the next available IP in a specified subnet.

Beyond all that new functionality, you can configure a condition or validator to verify criteria in real-time against the Device42 database in those special cases where things might have changed since the last scheduled sync. And enabling the real-time verification is as easy as checking a checkbox.


Conditional Functions

Condition Function Paramters Screenshot

The new conditional functions allow you to tackle complex custom business process workflows with ease. Conditions allow you to specify exact conditions required for an issue to transition from one state to the next.

Instead of displaying an error message, the option to transition simply won’t be displayed until specified conditions are met. Conditions can be evaluated against the custom field and CI type of your choosing, and can be granularly specified. For example, it might be required that a “New Device Request” cannot be marked as  completed until the new device has been given a “name”, exactly 1 serial number, etc.



Validation Functions

Validation functions add powerful options to custom workflows, allowing you to validate the contents of a Custom Field against CI criteria of your choosing. Validation functions are attached to workflow transitions (just like conditional functions), and an error message is specified during configuration to be displayed to the user if the user attempts to transition while validation criteria is not met.

Device42 Jira Sync Results and Connection Settings

Specify the exact the contents a user is required to enter into the custom field of your choice by amount of CIs, the CI Type, and even filter specific CI values for fined grained control over transitions.



POST Functions

POST functions introduce workflow automation to JIRA. POST functions, too, are attached to transitions, and can operate on the custom field of an Administrator’s choosing as well.

The POST Function can be configured so that the user will be required to enter (or choose) a subnet [that meets filter criteria an Administrator can specify], and as part of the workflow transition, a POST is made to Device42 requesting the next available IP in the subnet specified. The returned IP Address value will then be added to the ticket as a comment.



Other changes

  • More CI’s added, Device42 Filters Updated
    • Both Global filters & Custom field-level filters have been available; now there are more of them!
    • Easily choose which CI’s are visible globally, as well as which CIs are visible on a field-to-field basis


  • Re-designed Scan / Sync mechanism
    • You can now stop (abort) a sync after it’s been started
    • Quickly configure cron syncs right from the “Add-ons” configuration page in Jira


  • Minor redesign of the sync statistics screen, now including “abort” function
  • Plus other misc. performance tweaks & improvements, and more!


Download the latest plugins

The Latest JIRA – Device42 CMDB plugincan be downloaded from the Atlassian Marketplace:


The Latest Confluence – Device42 plugin:



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