Application mapping charts based on service dependencies in v13.1.2

We are excited to announce v13.1.2 with the following changes.

Application mapping charts based on service dependencies


If you have applications (auto-discovered or manually added) that have services associated, and those services have dependencies to each other, impact chart and dependency chart on application component pages now take that into account. That means, it shows impact or dependencies between the application components and shows which services are creating that relationship.

Bug Fixes

  • On Device page, in connectivity section, the primary VLAN was showing vlan # and not vlan name. Fixed.
  • Not able to run power discovery jobs from the list page. Fixed.
  • Reporting bug fixes with certificate valid date filter and audit log contains filter.
  • Amazon and azure discovery was not associating cloud info to the device. Fixed.
  • A10Networks device – interface information was not coming in correctly. Fixed.

Latest Device42 update

Current customers can grab the latest update file from:

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