Linux Auto-discovery tool v4.5.40

We are excited to announce following changes in external (agentless) linux auto-discovery tool v4.5.40


  • Added support for regular IPs that are tied to loopback interface.
  • Added options to skip discovery blocks (device, network, services, etc)
  • Linux: “exited”, “paused” and “dead” Docker containers marked as not in service
  • Linux: added support of old OpenVZ

Bug Fixes

  • AIX: fixed lspv results processing
  • FreeBSD: fixed CPUs/cores detection on devices with enabled SMP

Complete network device discovery with Device42

Device42 supports various agent-less auto-discovery methods to help you quickly pull in state of your network. If you haven’t given Device42 a try yet, you can download a free trial at:

You can grab the Linux based auto-discovery software from here:

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