Multi-domain AD support with v14.1.0

We are excited to announce the general availability of v14.1.0 with the following changes:

Multi-domain AD support

You can now configure Device42 to work with multiple AD servers that can be used for both AD based login and AD synchronization.  


AD settings can be set in Tools > Settings >Active Directory Settings but is only accessible by super users. You may configure only one Open LDAP setting but can add multiple Active Directory settings to properly describe your environment.  Each Active Directory setting can also specify multiple domains.


After entering an Active Directory/LDAP setting, you can test the configuration by clicking the Test Connection button on the view page.  You will be prompted for credentials to initiate the test.


If you have selected to utilize “Domain\Username” Username Login Style, then users are required to enter both the domain and username to login into Device42

When adding Active Directory Administrators to Device42, you will be able to review the domain found for the user found prior to adding them.  The user will be added according to the selected Username Login Style option

On the AD/LDAP sync screen you must now specify an Active Directory/LDAP Settings configuration to run the sync against.


Enhancements to SNMP discovery

  • Expanded support for UCS C240
  • Added support for IBM nextra xiv 220

Backup email notification enhancements

We added some additional information to the back email notifications to better distinguish between successful and unsuccessful backups.


Enhanced device connectivity list

We have removed the column Remote Ports and replaced it with a more detailed Connections column that now lists the full paths to all connections associated with the listed ports.  This column is equivalent to the list found when viewing connection on the ports screen.

Parts Model enhancements

We have added some additional fields that you can specify while defining a Parts Model.  These fields are also viewable as column in lists.  The new fields are: Connectivity, Media Type, Connector Type, Length, Model #, Part #, Manufacturer and Notes.

Additional Lifecycle Event Action

You can now append seconds since epoch to only the name field when an event is added to a device or asset.

Telco circuit API

  • A new filter has been added to retrieve telco circuits by circuit_id:<ID>


Bug Fixes

  • NMAP discovery may report “RC-Orphaned-Running” as job status.  Fixed.
  • An error may occur when attaching Patch Panel end point to Telco Circuit.  Fixed
  • An error may occur when adding a Patch Panel TAP port. Fixed
  • API endpoint /api/1.0/macs/ show null port informaton.  Fixed
  • Unable to discover amazon api with custom region endpoints.  Fixed
  • F5 host and guest are discovered as one device. Fixed
  • Unable to access D42 Appliance Manager after updating HTTPS certificate. Fixed
  • Linux agent may be reporting incorrect serial number for nvme devices.  Fixed
  • Unable to discover some Azure machine if not using default type.  Fixed

Latest Device42 update

Current customers can grab the latest update file from

If you haven’t tried Device42 yet, you can download a free trial from


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