Firmware detection and API additions in v14.2.2

We are excited to release v14.2.2 with the following changes:

Auto-discovery additions and changes

  • Added ability to detect firmware for windows machines.
  • You can now choose VRF group for any auto-discovery  jobs (earlier it was limited to windows and linux  only)

API additions/changes

  • Added ability to remove users, groups for passwords via the POST call. view_users_remove, use_only_users_remove, view_edit_users_remove, view_groups_remove, use_only_groups_remove, view_edit_groups_remove as comma separated user or group names.

Bug Fixes

  • On password save (add or edit), if the view edit users is empty, always add the user saving the password (no changes if there any user already selected)
  • Take out extra space from updated message in devices POST API call (doesn’t apply to failure scenarios)
  • Errors in AD settings while upgrading are now fixed.

Upgrade your Device42 instance

Current customers can download the latest update file from

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