TCP port scan and auto-add to autodiscovery jobs in v14.7.0

We are excited to announce general availability of v14.7.0 with the following changes:


TCP Port Scans

We have added TCP Port Scans to Device42 to facilitate the creation and maintenance of *nix and Windows Auto-Discovery jobs. TCP Port Scan jobs can be created in Tools → Auto-Discovery → TCP Port Scan. These new scans will inspect a range(s) of IPs, determining which have open ports that can be used for Auto-Discovery and whether they are *nix or Windows. Once the scan is complete, Device42 will utilize these results to either create or update an Auto-Discovery job for the qualifying IPs.


This significantly speeds up the existing *nix and Windows auto-discoveries because they no longer perform extensive tests against non-existing IPs or IPs that are not applicable to a particular auto-discovery type. This is especially true for IP ranges containing a random mix of platforms.


While creating a new TCP Port Scan, you may provide the servers range in any supported format and specify which remote collector you want to run the scan on. In addition, you may provide all the settings you want the *nix or Windows auto-discovery job to be created with. This will create the appropriate auto-discovery job for you with the provided naming template and specified settings, and will continue to maintain the list of servers based on the results of each TCP port scan run.

TCP Port Scans can be schedule similarly to all other Auto-Discovery jobs:

Auto-discovery scores

We have added column with auto-discovery job name (“AD Job”) to the list of results in auto-discovery scores. In addition, when viewing individual results, we have split the old ‘Issues’ field into ‘Application discovery issues’ and ‘Container discovery issues’. Auto-discovery scores can be found in Reports → Auto-Discovery Scores



SNMP autodiscovery VLANs to ignore

We have added additional flexibility to the ‘VLANs to ignore’ field to support ranges in addition to comma delimited values.


Bug Fixes

  • Auto-discovery creating duplicate devices for EMC Isilon device. Fixed.
  • Openstack discovery could fail with ‘Index Out of Range’ Error. Fixed.
  • Unable to remove an auto-discovery schedule. Fixed
  • Object category options were not applied to cluster device on VMWare auto-discovery. Fixed.
  • Lenovo warranty sync could import wrong date for a device. Fixed.
  • Customer view displays incomplete Subnet list. Fixed.

Latest Device42 update

Current customers can grab the latest update file from:

If you haven’t tried Device42 yet, download a free trial:


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