Cabling support in v14.8.0

We are excited to announce general availability of v14.8.0 with the following changes:


Cables Support

We have added support for documenting cabling between devices, patch panels, TAP and Telco Circuits, and tracking specific details about each cable such as length, color, cable type and connector types. Cables can be found in Datacenter > Cables where you can list and filter all cables documented in Device42.

Select Cable to View

You can create, view and edit any individual cable and provide both endpoint connections and any physical characteristics.  If you have multiple cables in a series, you can also see the full path of the cable with the calculated total cable length.

View Cable

You will also see the cable information in the Port details screen.

View Port

You can also see cables in Impact Charts

Cable Impact Chart Local View


Multi-Connection support for switch Impact Chart

We have enhanced the Impact Chart screen to render all the connections for a particular port.  Previously you would only see the first connection.

Cable Impact Chart Enhancements


Remote Collector Data Management

We have added the ability to manage the InfluxDB data to control disk utilization on the RC appliance.  A new option has been added to the RC Console: InfluxDB Data Manager.  This new menu will walk you through a wizard to define what happens to monitoring data older than x number of days, namely Clean Data or Compact Data.  Clean Data simply removes all data points older than x number of days. Compact Data is a process in which the collector will aggregate multiple data points into a single data point covering the same time frame.  Compact Data will reduce the detail when drilling down into specific time frames on high density charts, but provides the same comparable value on low density charts.

InfluxDB Data Manager

InfluxDB Warning Screen


Rooms report

You are now able to create and filter reports for Rooms by going to Reports > Reports > Add Report > Rooms.

Create Room Report


API enhancements

  • We have added an API to check if your D42 license is still valid, returning true for valid license keys and false for expired licenses. The API can be found at https://d42server/api/1.0/is_license_valid/
  • We have added the field cipher_suites to the DOQL view view_devicecertificate_v1


Bug Fixes

  • IP NAT API automatically defaults start and end endpoints to 161. Fixed.
  • User does not exist error could occur in JIRA integration. Fixed.
  • Read timeout error could occur during Dell Warranty scans. Fixed.
  • Cisco 9k SNMP discovery was creating duplicate parts. Fixed.


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