Cloud Recommendation Engine in v14.9.0

We are excited to announce general availability of v14.9.0 with the following changes:


Cloud Recommendation Engine

The Cloud Recommendation Engine is here!

Device42 v14.9.0 is a milestone release, now offering cloud machine instance type recommendations for AWS and Azure clouds, providing exactly the details you need to plan your next migration and to provision your next cloud deployment!


The Cloud Recommendation Engine:

  • Leverages Device42’s comprehensive auto-discovery and resource utilization to provide clear recommendations on moving your physical or virtual workloads to the cloud
  • Provides cloud instance recommendations for your choice of AWS and/or the Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Includes a user-configurable “Safety Factor” slider that allows padding of requirement calculations by your chosen margin

Data Analysis: Download or Send to Cloud

How this works:

  1. We create a summary of CPU, memory, and OS info based on inventory data.
  2. If you have the resource utilization feature enabled, we also factor in peak CPU and memory usage over the last month.
  3. When you click “Send to Cloud and Analyze Data”, we send anonymized data to our cloud servers to find matching AWS or Azure workloads.
  4. Our bots do the hard work, sending back workload recommendations best-matched each particular device.
  5. That data is then returned to your main appliance, and the ananymized data is matched with your actual device names. An output sheet is then generated for you that contains your device names matched with workloads for following 4 scenarios (more coming soon!):
    • AWS based on Resource Utilization
    • AWS based on Inventory Data
    • Azure based on Resource Utilization
    • Azure based on Inventory Data


AWS recommendations based on resource utilization


Hyper-V discovery in Device42 main appliance

We have added support for Hyper-V discovery in both the main Device42 UI and the Remote Collector.

Previously, Hyper-V discovery was only available via the external Discovery Tool. Hyper-V discovery requires that that you have a Windows Discovery Service installed.

To discover Hyper-V instances, navigate to Tools → Auto-Discovery → Hypervisors/*nix/Windows, enter the address of the Hyper-V host, and select Discover VMs checkbox!

HyperV discovery in Device42 main appliance


Service discovery interval

We have improved the ability to schedule Service Port Discovery Interval by separating it from the main discovery schedules.

You are now able to specify in seconds how often to discover Service Ports. Please note that you must enter a value greater than 5 minutes (300 seconds).

Customize Service Discovery Interval


VRF groups custom fields

We have added the ability to define and add custom fields to VRF Groups.

To define the new custom fields, use Tools → Custom Fields and select VRF Groups.

Once defined, these custom fields can be used in existing and new VRF Groups. Additionally, we have added a DOQL view for VRF group custom fields named view_vrfgroup_custom_fields_v1.

Add VRF Group Custom Field

View VRF Group Discovery


Bug Fixes

  • Broken connection path link on patch panel with back connection switch type. Fixed.
  • Allow access points to be placed in rooms and building objects. Fixed.
  • Huawei CSS SNMP discovery was only importing one of the clustered switches. Fixed.
  • Alert may not resend message based on fixed interval. Fixed.
  • Application mapping may fail to render in some situations. Fixed.
  • TAP connection data may not display on switch device page. Fixed.
  • Cluster support for Cisco 6800. Fixed.
  • SNMP discovery applying action for modules not found even when discovered. Fixed.
  • Daisy chain PDU serial number removed after adding to rack. Fixed.
  • Asset GET API was returning the wrong value for asset_no. Fixed.
  • Unable to download VLAN custom fields. Fixed.
  • Certificate auto-discovery might not run based on schedule. Fixed.
  • Azure auto-discovery may return an error. Fixed.


Latest Device42 update

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