Granular Services and Software Data for Enhanced Application Mappings in v14.12.0

We are excited to announce general availability of v14.12.0 with the following changes:


Granular services and software data

We are now capturing deeper services and software data to assist in better application mappings and digital transformation efforts like cloud migration. The following is a quick summary of the enhanced discovery capabilities. For now, the new capabilities are Windows-only.  We will be extending these capabilities to Linux in the near future. The new discovery capabilities include:


  • The location of the install folder for services and software.
  • The service to software relationship (based on the install folder). You will now get additional details for services such as the vendor, version #, install date and other data points as correlated to the matching software.
  • The granular permissions for the install folder (top level) for each software component on each device.
  • The registry information for each software component on each device.
  • All the configuration files found in the install folder for each software component on each device.
  • Software that is related to a service but was not installed via a standard OS installer.

New Software and Services discovery options store config registry file system info
These options can be enabled for each Windows Auto-Discovery job in TOOLS>Auto-Discovery>Hypervisors/*nix/Windows.  The resulting software details can be viewed for each software instance in the Software in Use screen and can be retrieved programmatically via a new DOQL view view_softwaredetails_v1.

Software in use details

Ignore subnets on *nix/Windows auto-discoveries

A new option to ignore subnets has been added to *nix/Windows Auto-Discovery jobs.  When selected, discovery will no longer create subnets in Device42 as part of discovery.  Just a reminder, Auto-Discovery jobs can be created in TOOLS>Auto-Discovery>Hypervisors/*nix/Windows

Ignore Subnets nix discovery option


Latest Device42 update

Current customers, grab the latest update file @

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