API Additions in v14.15.0

We are excited to announce general availability of v14.15.0 with the following changes:



We have created a new version (v1.1) of DNS Zones API to allow API consumers to create multiple DNS zones with the same name but different nameservers.  v1.0 limited this functionality as the name field was the only key fields. With v1.1, you may now create multiple records with unique combinations of name and nameserver.  If you need to update the nameserver, you may provide the parameter new_nameserver to update the existing record.

curl -X POST -d "name=zonename&nameserver=servername" -u "admin:adm!nd42" --insecure
curl -X POST -d "name=zonename&nameserver=oldName&new_nameserver=updatedToName" -u "admin:adm!nd42" --insecure


Device Name Profile API

You can now create, update and delete Device Name Profiles via the API.
curl -X GET -u 'admin:adm!nd42' https://yourdevice42address/api/1.0/device_name_profile --insecure


   "total_count": 1,
   "limit": 10,
   "device_name_profiles": [
           "start_number": 1,
           "last_used": 87,
           "suffix": "",
           "number_length": 4,
           "prefix": "USOXIS-P",
           "id": 14,
           "name": "US Oxford Servers"


Operating Systems API

We have modified Operation System API to return and filter by manufacturer.


curl -X GET -u 'admin:adm!nd42' https://yourdevice42address/api/1.0/operatingsystems/?manufacturer=Microsoft --insecure

    "operatingsystems": [
            "category": null,
            "name": "Microsoft Windows Server 2008 STD",
            "aliases": [],
            "total_count": 8,
            "notes": "",
            "licensed_count": 8,
            "not_licensed_count": 0,
            "id": 2,
            "manufacturer": "Microsoft"


Add Storage Device from Room Page

Storage Room page has been enhanced to allow you to add new or existing Stored Devices directly from this page.  Rooms can be found in Datacenter → Rooms.

Change room screen, add another stored device

Import and Export of Cables

You may now bulk import and export cables from Device42 utilizing TOOLS → Imports/Exports (xls).

Bulk Import or Export Cables


Bug Fixes

  • Linksys LAPAC1200 not being Auto-discovered via SNMP.  Fixed.
  • History content not being properly escaped for JS injection. Fixed.
  • Reports may not filter data correctly if utilizing the same custom field in multiple filters.  Fixed.
  • Rack Physical Connectivity may not render if remote netport does have have a device.  Fixed.


Latest Device42 update

Current customers, grab the latest update file @

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