Creating Advanced Reports with Custom SQL

With Device42 v15, we debuted a brand new reporting engine that will help you extract actionable business intelligence from your infrastructure data. Featuring an easy to use, built in report editor that helps you hone in on the data you care about most, it’s now also easier to display your data in reports that are better looking, too!

The following short video demonstrates creation of a report with custom SQL:



Are you a SQL Wiz, or do you already have a SQL query that returns the data you’re looking for? That’s great! The advanced reporting engine has a built in SQL editor (with syntax highlighting!) that allows you to take report customization a step further with the creation of custom “SQL Objects”, offering you the results of the query you provide as building blocks to lay out your custom report.


If SQL is your thing, you’ll definitely want to try this out as opposed to manually selection categories and parameters in report builder!


Quickly create a report using your own custom SQL:

    1. Head to menu: “Reports” → “Advanced Reporting”
    2. Add a new Advanced Report and give it a name.
    3. Don’t select any categories; instead, choose the “Add SQL” button at the bottom right, instead.
    4. Give your new SQL object a name, and then proceed to enter your query into the “Custom SQL Object” form. Select a unique key field from the dropdown at the bottom of the window (a unique key is required). Click OK twice.

*You’ll notice all of the categories are now greyed out. The SQL query you provided has taken care of this, so there’s no need to choose any here!

  1. Head to the “Layout” tab. Use the report designer to format your report data by choosing placing the fields you’d like to include into the report.
  2. Click finish & it’s saved.
  3. You’re done!  You can go back and edit as you see fit. Run your report at at any time, or sort & filter further!


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